Happy 1st Birthday!


October 2, 2015 I was up at the crack of dawn testing my website to make sure everything was ready for our launch. I had just finished nursing my 3 month old and I sat at my computer with great anticipation. The beautiful combination of excitement and exhaustion as I waited for the clock to strike 10:00.  Sitting here today working on orders and details for our new product launch make me so nostalgic.

When I started planning and creating darling + bandit I had dreams of it being this over night success. A year later, I have learnt that the growth is steady and the hours long. Most nights I find myself working into the wee hours of the night because I had to grocery shop, drop kids off at soccer or tackle whatever else was on my to do list that day. When the house is quiet and I trade in my Mom hat for my work hat there is a passion that awakens within me and a smile that creeps across my face. It is a very sweet thing to be able to do what you love. img_2678

Getting to know fellow Mompreneur’s and learning from their experience has been such a highlight for me. I always encourage others who are just starting out to get connected. Collaborate, discuss ideas, ask them what has worked for their business. I love how Danielle Wiebe from Vancity Business Babes says “collaboration over competition.” It is definitely something I’ve strived for in my business and I love the friendships I’ve made along the way. As for what the future holds, we are launching our sweatshirts in November. We have a new style for the boys and the girls. For spring, I’m hoping to grow the line even more.

I love you all and I’m so grateful for your support. Your kids are the best looking models around and when I get to see them in d+b I’m thrilled!! Don’t forget, until October 4th with every purchase you will receive a complimentary I will shine bright in the darkness t-shirt as a birthday treat.

xo Trisha


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  1. Jen wiens says:

    Congratulations. You deserve all the best. LOVE your shirts and your heart. Cheering you on! (So excited for sweatshirts!)

    1. Trisha Bennett says:

      Thank you Jen!! You have been such an amazing support. xo

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