It’s the holiday season…


Life is always a little hectic at this time of year. I know all you Mama’s are hustling. It’s always amazing to me how life with kids (although extremely exhausting most days) can also bring so much drive and momentum to us Moms. We work so hard to make sure all the traditions happen and that December 25th is a magical day for everyone. It’s not the idea of a perfect holiday season that drives us. It’s the smile from ear to ear or their little arms wrapped around your neck.

Life with my three sons is very full. Some days as I drag myself into bed I wonder if I’m overdoing it just a bit. Then I think back to my childhood and how every year my Papa would dress up as Santa and bring presents to all our cousins. Every Christmas Eve we would watch White Christmas and cuddle up in our Christmas pj’s. I see my Mom standing in the kitchen for hours making her famous sugar cookies and cranberry pudding. All the sacrifices she made for my brother & I every year so that our Christmas would be truly special. One of the thrills of being a Mom, is passing on these traditions.

img_7957One thing I’m really trying to work on is being present over the holidays. Not worrying about all the details. Getting lost in lists and preparations aren’t what I want this holiday season. I want to talk to friends & family and truly hear how they are img_8747doing. Most of all, I want my boys to remember me listening to their stories and being their cheerleader at their Christmas events. It truly is the most wonderful time of the year and I don’t want to miss out on it because I was too busy.

Keep going ladies! Drink outrageous amounts of coffee and use up all that dry shampoo. 😉  I know when you break it all down, it’s our heart for our kids and loved ones that bring us the greatest joy.  The time you are investing right now is not wasted. It will be cherished by your littles in years to come. And that is a pretty great gift. xo

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