The Original Lost Boys Generation

View More:¬†When I started designing our Lost boys generation sweatshirt my poor graphic designer (Victoria Senges) must have been pulling her hair out because I was so particular with this design. It had to be perfect. It wasn’t just an image for me it was a decade of my life and incredible memories. It was a tribute to friendship. The highs and lows we’ve all walked through together and a symbol of how much we value each other.

In high school I was a bit of a tomboy and definitely a late bView More: I played sports and always loved hanging out with the guys. I felt more comfortable discussing basketball stats than the latest make up trends. When I was introduced to the Lost Boys, they immediately felt like family. My Mom was constantly cooking for them every weekend or sitting listening to their whoas about not being able to find the girl of their dreams. She soon started matching making them with my girlfriends and the lost boys generation 2 was birthed. :) We would cruise White Rock beach, grew together at our Monday night bible study each week and occasionally the boys got into a bit of mischief playing pennies (essentially their version of truth or dare). There were always a ton of laughs but also an overwhelming sense of love when we went through hard times. When I lost my grandfather (Papa) every single one of these guys was there with their families. Their friendshView More: wasn’t just towards me it was my whole family.

My adolescent years were filled with heart to heart conversations and lots of adventures. As I watch kids nowadays in high school my heart always breaks a little. Faces glued to their phones. Technology has definitely become how we communicate now. My hope for my kids is that they’ll have friends like I did that encourage them to get outside and take time to listen to eachView More: other as they journey through life. It wasn’t always perfect. There were break ups, parents getting divorced, injuries…you name it. However the simple foundation of what true friendship is makes the Lost boys so great. I used a circle to show the constant, unbreakable bond. The colour block teepee symbolizes a firm foundation and sense of adventure. I can’t begin to tell you how thrilled I am with your response to this design. It means the world to me. xo


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