We love our siblings

Happy National Siblings day!! I’m so very thankful for the incredible brother that I have. He was my first best friend and continues to be one of the most important people in my life. We know that relationships take work. If you’re like me, somedays you feel like you are on repeat telling your kids to “get along.” The good days out weigh the bad though and I love watching the friendship that has developed between Chase & Cyrus. Their excitement to run into the backyard after school to jump on the trampoline or discussing their soccer status over a donut post game. Being together and communication is the foundation of what will make their relationship strong for years to come. Now, if I only knew how Cru would fit into all of this. lol Maybe this is why people have even numbers of kids!

To celebrate today we are offering our t-shirts!!!

2 for $50

3 for $75

We want to make sure all the siblings in your family have a little darling + bandit in their life.

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Offer ends April 12


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